Heineken Experience – intriguing, immersive, intuitive

David Bowie loved it, Peter Gabriel wanted it, Heineken got it!

Our sound installation for the The Heineken Experience, the busiest attraction in Holland, is based on Kathrin’s RCA degree show work. When first shown at the RCA rockstars said ‘it felt like a ‘trip’. It combines branding with an intriguing, immersive, intuitive interactive installation – 5i entertainmentâ„¢.

Inspired by basic film analysis, we separated film and sound and let the user mix them. A simple sound installation idea that triggers an overwhelming experience. Varying from utter surprise to hilarious slapstick. Mike improved it with a clever and visually intriguing 3D uber-interface. We had to make a second version because many people didn’t want to leave the ‘moods and music’ room.

The installation:

Version II

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