Growth Hacking Has Landed

An article in Adage by @andjelicaaa highlighted the need for all marketers to wake up to the mind-set of growth hacking. The buzzword first appeared in 2013, and has been steadily growing, edging past ‘viral marketing’ in May according to Google trends.

Growth Hacking


But, it would be a mistake to dismiss the trendy term , as there is real substance to the point of view. Born out of west-coast startups, it is an approach that focuses on growth with a greater utilisation of data, software and automation. The more well-know examples and tactics seem better suited to brands trying a growing customer base, but any brand should be very interested in the techniques used to get better retention and referral.

A good primer on Growth Marketing is this Slideshare by David Arnoux – a leading evangelist for the GM approach.

Extracts of our ‘bootleg recording’


Imagine ‘Digital’ owns one side of the boxWe could do stunts in shops leaving thought-provoking messages out of piled up boxes ...and seeding as the viral videos'Tetrix meets topiary meets banners'

Interactive topiary banners with live messages feeding banners'Guerrilla gardening' planting hedges on desolated traffic island.Gnomes, waiting to be stolen and traveling around the world. Leave your message on the hedge.

The most enjoyable moments in our work is when the ideas acceleration into something unforeseeable. Here is an extract of 3 days creative concept work at Poke.

Stella Artois ‘Hedge-fund campaign’
‘Tetrix meets topiary meets banners meets guerilla gardening meets steeling gnomes’.

view more bootleg images from other campaign work…

Seat Ibiza

…and the party continues…seat
Ubermore was the creative team behind the Seat Ibiza microsite, celebrating its 25th anniversary. We developed the concept and idea.
The brief was – as all the briefs are these days are: To think up some ‘social media’ campaign around partying in Ibiza with the strap-line ‘and the party continues’.

We came up with the simple but effective idea of creating a twitter feed into the microsite that shares party announcements and invitations from an open twitter community around the world as well as Seats own community.

seat_concept_01 seat_concept_01 seatc_concept_02 seat_concept_03 seat_concept_04

Super Contemporary at the Design Museum


Freedom TV / The Freedom Space / Neville Brody

It was a lot of fun helping build this interactive installation, Freedom Space, with Neville Brody Research Studios for the Design Museum Super Contemporary show. Walking through a room filled with life stream CCTV, 24 cameras film the visitor from various angles and play it back into a grid of 320 film clips. Freedom fighter meets Bill Viola! A place to be seen and heard – many times, small times!

At the heart of the Super Contemporary exhibition were fifteen commissions from some of London’s most dynamic creatives, as a group they demonstrate the diverse approaches to design in London. Worthwhile watching.

Live image from the exhibition:

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Working with Poke on multi-channel marketing campaign


Last week, the Ubermore team had great fun working with Poke creating an online concept for an integrated campaign. The creative lead was no other but Mother. Collyn Chipperfield was the environmental expert. She gave the project the necessary green gravitas. We enjoyed her quick thinking, focused approach and Keynote collages. The task was challenging, the expectations high and the time short…but that’s what we like the most.
Picture: Ollie (our lovely Poke producer) Collyn, Kathrin, Mike (behind camera).

Multi-channel Campaign for Imagination

Imagination invited ubermore back to work on a pitch for one of their key clients. We were asked to think up pre-launch, launch and post-launch concepts from interactive viral games to installations and ARG content. Within 3 days the ubermore team created a visual journey illustrating a multi-channel campaign.

‘This is just spot on and brilliant’  Client feedback

“Ubermore provide an inspirational yet seamless extension to Imagination’s Digital offer resulting in great, strategically driven ideas through fluid collaboration.” Damian Ferrar, Director of Digital, Imagination